AS Engineers Solves Sludge Problem for a Top Beverage Manufacturer in Mexico

AS Engineers Solves Sludge Problem for a Top Beverage Manufacturer in Mexico

The Challenge

One of our valued clients, a renowned British beverage company planned to invest 500 million dollars to increase the tequila production in  Mexico in a very short period of time and they faces a critical challenge with handling the sudden huge volumes of sludge generated in their ETP plant due to instant increase in their production. The problem was the accumulation of sludge during the Tequila-making process, which was affecting the efficiency of their production line.

The Solution

Understanding the urgency of the situation, AS Engineers took immediate action. We offered them our innovative product: Dual Paddle Dryer System with a capacity of 1600 kg/hr, specially designed with all contact parts made of Stainless Steel 316L. This material is well-known for its corrosion-resistant properties, making it ideal for the client’s specific needs. An additional screw conveyor system was provided to convey the dried sludge directly to the truck bed eliminating any human contact and ensuring a hygienic and clean work area.

 This System is designed is such a manner that minimal human interference is required with modern solutions available such as PLC Scada & HMI and our team selected instruments suitable for clients’ requirements of automation in feeding systems, heating medium supply systems and dried powder conveying systems. Also the dryer, although being of higher capacity, was engineered with such high modularity that it can be shipped in one of the standard available containers. 

The Implementation Plan and Upcoming Results 

Our team is preparing to work diligently to guarantee a smooth installation process. We are closely coordinating with our client to ensure that the paddle dryers will integrate seamlessly into their existing setup without any issues.

Once we complete the installation, we anticipate significant improvements in our client’s Tequila production process. We aim to effectively resolve the issue of sludge accumulation, making their operations smoother and more efficient. The durability of our Stainless Steel 316L paddle dryers is expected to add an extra layer of reliability to their system.


AS Engineers successfully addressed the pressing challenge faced by a leading British beverage company. In response to a sudden surge in Tequila production, our client needed a reliable and efficient solution to deal with sludge accumulation. In response, we provided them with our state-of-the-art Dual Paddle Dryer System.

Our system not only promises to handle large volumes of sludge but also offers a high degree of automation and modularity. This ensures minimal human intervention and easy integration into the client’s existing setup. We are confident that once implemented, our solution will significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of our client’s production process.

AS Engineers’ success story demonstrates our commitment to innovation, quick response, and customer satisfaction. Our system will set a new industry standard for our client’s Tequila production.

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