Engineered With the User in Mind

A perfect blend of Creativity, Customization, and Clarity.


Years of Experience

From drafting designs on paper and performing engineering calculations with pen, to optimizing the daily processes via automation, we have come a long way.



Exhausting the air from one small room to drying sludge, we have researched and executed projects of all kinds and sizes.



We have grown big along with our clients throughout these years. From small firms to giant industries, our products carry gravitas in vast domains.


Creativity encapsulated the overall ability to discover original and new ideas, connections, and solutions to real world problems. At AS Engineers, Creativity is a part of our daily drive as engineers—fostering resilience, sparking the joy of innovation, and enabling better opportunities for self-actualization.

As a reputed centrifugal fan manufacturer, Creativity for us is an inspiring and grand endeavor, crafting state-of-the-art air handling and drying solutions. Designing and crafting engineering solutions requires daily acts of ingenuity and novel workarounds; in this sense, almost everyone in our company possesses some amount of creativity and craftsmanship.

We believe in value creation through problem solving. Our company was founded on the principles of engineering, which is solving real-world problems with meticulous solutions.


In today’s highly competitive market, especially in the manufacturing and process industries, consumers and businesses want things their way. Even as consumers ourselves, we expect businesses to provide custom options. In simple terms, we are becoming increasingly used to customization.

Spending more than 20 years in the industry, we have become increasingly aware of what our customers want. No two businesses are the same and each has its specific set of requirements, distinct and dependent on the product offering. Our blowers, fans, and paddle dryers are engineered around our target audience, customers, and prospects.

Product customization is the key to serving our customer base successfully. Not all of our customers want the same thing or use our products the same way.


We understand that customers like to feel in control of their communications. Business Clarity is the highest virtue at AS Engineers. We know that our customers never want to miss an important fact, yet they also do not have the spare time for reading important communications top to bottom. We empower our employees to introduce Clarity in the communications, both printed and online.

We do what we say and we say what we believe in.

We thrive to augment our communications with customer clarity, giving you what you need in a flash and when necessary. We leverage our technical knowledge at every step of the product life cycle, from inquiry stage to project commissioning stage; you can trust in the information that you receive.

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We have diluted our engineering knowledge into relevant industry-centric topics. We publish regular blogs and industry news. Providing unconditionally seamless end user experience is one of our highest priorities, and the years of engineering knowledge combined with uncompromised quality is what keeps AS Engineers ahead of its competitors. Read on to expand your knowledge base.

Thermal Drying of Sludge with Paddle Sludge Dryers

Thermal Drying of Sludge with Paddle Sludge Dryers

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