Backward Inclined Blower

A backward inclined blower is a type of centrifugal fan that is commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. This blower design features a backward incline angle on the blades, which makes it ideal for handling high-temperature and abrasive air streams. AS Engineers has years of experience in designing and manufacturing backward inclined blowers. With a deep understanding of fluid mechanics and the principles of centrifugal fans, We provide custom-designed blowers that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Air Flow

1300 to  385000 CMH

Static Pressure icon

Static Pressure

0.25” TO 6” (Pressure in Inch)

temperature icon


Up to 250℃

Efficiency icon


Up to 85%

Performance Curve icon

Performance Curve

Non-overloading power curve

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Type of Construction


AS Engineers provides a wide line of centrifugal blowers with backward inclined wheels that are enginee