Paddle Dryer

Paddle Dryer in Chemical Industry

Innovative and cutting-edge Paddle Dryers that provide high thermal heat transfer efficiency and very high solvent recovery for your chemical processes.

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Solvent Stripping

Achieve up to 99% VOC removal rate or even higher to enhance your product’s viability, with our custom designed Paddle Dryers that are engineered considering these vital features.

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Our Paddle Dryers are designed to achieve Thermal Decomposition, Phase Transition, and Volatile Fraction Removal.

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With controllable retention time and reduction in moisture up to any desired percentage, achieve your drying goals with our Paddle Dryer.

  • Drying of organic and inorganic compounds, solvent stripping and recovery, controlled thermal reactions, calcining up to 400˚C, and Cooling.
  • Petrochemical – Heating and solvent stripping of materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, and crystallizing PET.
  • Metal/Mineral – Drying metal hydroxides, metal oxides, and metal ores to very low residual moistures,  and cooling powders.

AS Engineers’ Paddle Dryer/Cooler is designed to transport a plethora of material types regardless of their chemical properties. You will rarely need to precondition the feed by mixing it with the recycled dry product to make it more conveyable. Hence, your overall operating, capital, and maintenance costs are drastically brought down.

The material is conveyed through our dryer/cooler by displacement. The agitators, at the feed end, assimilate the materials. In tandem with the action of the wedge-shaped paddles, hydraulic head pressure is applied. This pushes the material around and also between the paddles. There exists a certain high degree of localized agitation, and some amount of back mixing but the overall flow pattern can be described as a plug-flow movement down the processor with excellent mixing in the radial direction. There is equal residence time for all particles inside the Paddle Dryers which provides uniform product quality.

You can control the residence time by the height of the overflow weir or by the removal of material with a bottom discharge screw that is provided. For those applications where very high volumes need to be conveyed, or low residence times are required, one can pitch the paddles and can incline the processors so as to increase the overall conveyance rate.

Customized Design

We give special attention to details which results in a product that is enriched with vital key features. Our Paddle Dryer has a dust-proof sight glass and a special lid for taking samples. 

Similarly, our Paddle Dryer comes in a variety of configurations to help you run your day-to-day processes smoothly. For instance, two separate heat zones can be constructed if it is needed. We also provide a vacuum model that allows the drying temperatures to remain low for heat-sensitive food products. A special version is also available for crystallizing and drying PET which ensures degradation-free processing and a tiny residence time. 

All our Paddle Dryer units are on a slight incline which enables a good flow of the product particles by gravity.

System Design and Project Execution

The integration of key process units with the property underlines a successful installation. This includes selected ancillary equipment and the fight facility design. 

AS Engineers believes in prompt customer service, trustworthiness, nimble yet tough construction, ease of operation, and superior performance output.

At AS Engineers we will: 

  • Provide a complete, holistic system
  • Design a bespoke instrumentation and controls package
  • Help you integrate our equipment into your current control system
  • Help you select the components that are required to complete the system
  • Provide end-to-end customer support

Engineering Excellence & Superior Output

High Thermal Efficiency

Our Paddle Dryers are insulated, providing high thermal efficiency and minimal heat loss.

High Sa/Vol Achievability

Compared to traditional dryers, the surface-area-to-volume ratio is high in our Paddle Dryers; thanks to the intermeshing design of the paddles.