Frequently Asked Questions

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Centrifugal Blower

  • We have supplied Blowers of capacity from 100m3/hr to 2,00,000m3/hr.
    We are also capable to supply Blowers of capacity up to 10,00,000m3/hr.

  • We have supplied Blowers of pressure from 25mmwc to 1900 mmwc.
    We are also capable to supply Blowers of pressure up to 2000 mm wc.

  • We have supplied Blowers of Impeller diameter from 300mm to 2000mm.

  • We Can Supply the blowers in Direct, Belt, Coupling Drive, or as per the client’s requirements.

  • We have supplied Blowers of speeds from 300 RPM to 4000 RPM.

  • We have supplied Blowers of power ratings from 0.25 HP to 475 HP.

  • We are well occupied with all the necessary parameters that are involved in testing. We follow the IS-4894 testing procedure with duct assembly for our clients. We also provide a Soap-Bubble test for all mechanical seal-equipped Air-Tight blowers.

    We are equipped with a manufacturing blower for CLOSED LOOP SYSTEMS where 0% air leakage is mandatory.

     We also provide a capacity test for the blowers using Anemometer.

     Apparatus that we have for testing includes the following:

    • Manometer
    • Duct assemblies
    • Digital Tachometer
    • Digital Vibration meter
    • Digital Sound meter
    • Digital Clamp meter
    • Pitot Tube
    • Pressure Test Apparatus.
  • We have worked with esteemed clients pan India and have supplied blowers to a wide range of sectors all over India and abroad. Some of them are listed below:

    I. Grasim Industries (Aditya Birla Group)
    II. Coromandel Ltd (Murugappa Group)
    III. UPL Ltd (United Phosphate Limited)
    IV. Meghmani Industries Ltd
    V. Bodal Chemicals Ltd
    VI. Asian Granito Ltd
    VII. Swastik Ceramics Ltd
    VIII. Mayur dye chem Ltd
    IX. Coral Pharma Ltd
    X. Givaudan Company and many such
    XI. Inductotherm, electrotherm,
    XII. Larsen group,
    XIII. Atul ltd.
    XIV. Vermora tiles, sunshile hearts tiles,
    XV. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited

  • We have been fortunate enough to have catered various sectors:
    I. Process Industries (Drying equipment manufacturers)
    II. Incineration Industries
    III. Tiles Industries
    IV. Ceramic Industries
    V. Air Pollution Control Systems
    VI. Motor Industries (Shot blasting manufacturers)
    VII. Induction Furnace Industries and many such…

  • We have infrastructure that supports Static Balancing and Dynamic Balancing at our workshop with which we can deliver Balancing Grade jobs as per as client requirement.
    Balancing grades such as: Grade 6.3, Grade 2.5 can be achieved.

  • EFF% =

    CFM X SP in mmwc X 100
    6356 X 25.4 X POWER IN BHP (at operating temp).

Paddle Dryer

  • Our Paddle Dryer is an indirect-heated machine with well-engineered insulation which can achieve thermal efficiencies up to 98%.

  • The Heat Exchanger is used to generate hot air via a centrifugal blower which will help to avoid condensation of moisture inside the paddle dryer.

  • The required steam pressure is decided based on multiple factors in our Paddle Dryer design process like the temperature limits of the product to be dried, the availability of steam pressure of the existing plant, CapEx or OpEx cost prioritization.

  • The required thermic fluid temperature is decided based on multiple factors in our Paddle Dryer design process like the temperature limits of the product to be dried,the availability of temperature of the existing plant, CapEx or OpEx cost prioritization.

  • Yes, we have a pilot plant of 50 Kg/hr in which we can offer you a trial at your plant with minimal cost to check your product viability and project feasibility

  • The space requirement of the Paddle Dryer will depend on various factors like the hourly feed rate, initial moisture of the feed, final required mositure for your dried product, available steam pressure or thermic fluid temperature at the site. You can contact our expert application engineers for figuring out your exact solution.

  • We can design the paddle dryer for other process like Heating, Calcing, Solvent Stripping, Crystallizing, Reacting, Cooling, etc.

  • Our Proposal Engineers can quickly provide an estimate for your plant. We need to know your feed input rate in the dryer, the feed moisture and the desired product characteristics. You can find the link to the questionnaire here. Kindly complete the questionnaire and we will respond as soon as possible with a customized techno-commercial offer. Feel free to talk to out expert.

  • The most commonly used heat transfer medium is Steam. Other than that, thermic fluid, biogas, flu-gas, etc. can be used; provided the required technicalities are met.

  • The total energy used by our Paddle Dryer is calculated based on all the factors like the initial moisture and the final moisture as well as the feed and discharge temperatures.

  • The Cost of drying sludge depends on two factors:

    1. The Cost of Heating Medium(i.e., Cost of 1 kg of steam in Rs).
    2. The Cost of Power Used(i.e., cost of electricity in KWh).

    The cost of drying 1 Kg feed is

    (Total Consumption of Feed X Cost of Steam per Kg) + (Total Power Consumption X cost of Power per KWh)/(Total Feed Input in Kg/hr)

  • If the Sludge has moisture content in it, we can dry the sludge to reduce its moisture to a minimal level resulting into a reduced volume of sludge to dispose and handle which in turn converts into unimaginable savings.


  • We have the in-house CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, in which all the material is to be laser cut only.

  • We have all the necessary machinery in-house such as Drill machine, Hand Drill machine, Hack Saw machine, Semiautomatic Bending machine, TIG Welding machine, MIG Welding machine, ARC Welding machine, Plasma CNC machine. We also have a strong infrastructure and a Gantry Crane with lifting capacity over 5- TONNES.

  • We manufacture blowers in MS, SS-304, SS-316, SS-316L, SS-202, SS-410, EN-8, SS-2205 DUPLEX STEEL, HSLA, DOMEX-700, WELDOX, QUEND-690, FRP, TITANIUM etc.

  • One year warranty from the invoice date. (Exclusive of any Bought-outs)

  • Our payment terms are as per as Industrial Standards. Moreover, we are flexible with client’s systematic procedures.

  • AS Engineers as a firm has been dealing in manufacturing and engineering services of Centrifugal Blowers for past 23 years. We have been in service and have completed around 1200+ Projects and around 2500+ Blowers has been supplied.