High Pressure Radial Blade Centrifugal Fan

A high pressure radial blade centrifugal fan is a type of fan that is designed to handle high-pressure air streams. The fan operates on the principle of centrifugal force, where air is drawn into the fan and expelled through the outlet with high pressure. This type of fan is commonly used in applications where high-pressure air flow is required, such as in ventilation systems, cooling systems, and air handling equipment. We provide custom-designed fans that are built to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring reliable and efficient performance in high-pressure air flow applications.

Air Flow

400 to 150000 CMH

Static Pressure icon

Static Pressure

100 to 2000 MMWC

temperature icon


Up to 200℃

Efficiency icon


Up to 85%

Performance Curve icon

Performance Curve

Non-overloading power curve

Type of Construction icon

Type of Construction


The High Pressure Radial Blade industrial blower helps move material-laden air at medium to high static pressures and the fan also stays clean during the process. This includes light particles to heavier materials that had the tendency to be sticky or abrasive. These blowers are designed in a way that they do not compromise the wheel’s build-quality.

The straight radial blades inside the fan are positioned at 90° angles to the outside surface of the wheel hub. The design and positioning of the blades keep them free of debris when the material-laden air flows through the stream. High pressure radial blade blower is engineered with heavy-duty and reinforced materials.

The pressure blower is available in two models, Open Radial and Shrouded Radial. They are both heavy-duty. The shrouded model offers additional efficiencies. The density of the materials in the airflow will help determine which model is optimal along with the remaining characteristics, including drives, features, and accessories.

Applications of High Pressure Radial Blade Centrifugal Fan


High-pressure radial blade centrifugal fans are versatile and efficient fans that are commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. These fans are characterized by their radial blade design, which allows them to handle high-pressure air streams and generate a high volume of airflow with minimal energy consumption.

One of the primary applications of high-pressure radial blade fans is in combustion air systems. These fans push air into furnaces, boilers, and ovens, which are used to combust or burn fuels. The high-pressure air flow generated by the radial blade fan helps to ensure that the powers are burned efficiently and effectively, maximizing their energy output. The radial blade fan design allows for a high-volume, low-pressure air flow, which can help to prevent damage to the combustion equipment.

Another common application of high-pressure radial blade fans is in pneumatic conveying systems. These fans are used to convey a wide range of materials, including food-grade items, cereal, and wood chips. The high-pressure air flow generated by the radial blade fan is used to move the materials through the conveying system from the source to the destination. The radial blade fan design helps to prevent damage to the materials being conveyed and ensures that they are delivered safely and efficiently.

High-pressure radial blade fans are also used in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. These systems reduce harmful pollutants in exhaust gas from industrial processes, such as power generation and chemical manufacturing. The high-pressure air flow generated by the radial blade fan is used to inject a reducing agent into the exhaust gas, which reacts with the pollutants to reduce their harmful effects. Some of the high-pressure radial blade fans used in SCR systems are custom-designed to include features specific to this application, such as high-temperature resistance and corrosive-resistant materials.

In addition to combustion air, pneumatic conveying, and selective catalytic reduction, high-pressure radial blade fans are used in a variety of other industries, including material handling, cooling systems, ventilation systems, and industrial processing. In material handling, these fans are used to provide airflow to conveyors, hoppers, and other process equipment. In cooling systems, they are used to cool down overheated process equipment or to provide air flow for cooling systems. In ventilation systems, high-pressure radial blade fans circulate fresh air and remove stale air from enclosed spaces. And in industrial processing, these fans provide airflow for various processes, such as drying, curing, and mixing.

The radial fan blade design of high-pressure radial blade fans is key to their effi