Paddle Dryer

Did you know that you could save your drying costs significantly, sometimes even more than half of what you are spending? Our indirect contact Paddle Dryers ensure that your product’s quality is not hampered while your overall efficiency gets a boost.

Paddle dryer/sludge dryer

The New Theme On The Block

Our Paddle Dryers are designed with utmost precision and prowess. This means superior product quality, maximum cost savings, and huge amounts of saved time.

Wedged Paddles icon

Wedged Paddles

The shape of the pedals ensure optimum product mixing while also allowing the pedals to remain clean automatically.

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Compact Design

Our compact machine occupies less space which directly corresponds to minimal installation costs.

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Energy Efficient

The consumption of energy and resources are reduction drastically with precision product R&D.

How Does a Paddle Dryer Work?

Paddle dryer can be stated as an indirect contact dryer different from a conventional dryer. It is designed for slimy, sticky, wet cake materials and various product types and processes. These processes include but are not limited to drying, heating, cooling, reacting, etc.

We at AS Engineers design these dryers with a wide range of drying potentials, from fast, accelerated drying to gentle, prolonged drying. A paddle dryer is widely used in industries such as environmental pollution control, food & drugs, and chemicals. For hyper-critical processes, we also design a vacuum-based model.

The FD blower pulls in fresh air from the atmosphere via a  filtration element, preventing impurities from entering. The ambient incoming air is pushed into the tube shell heat exchanger, which heats up the air and brings it to the desired temperature via a heating medium. The used-up heating medium is then thrown out. The heated air is pushed into the paddle dryer through an air inlet to prevent the condensation of vapour. 

The feed with high moisture content is dropped from the hopper into the Paddle Dryer. On the one hand, the moisture from the feed evaporates due to the heat transfer from the hollow shafts and the jacket. On the other hand, the hammers on the paddle break the feed down into smaller particles through churning and agitation. The feed’s breakdown process undergoes three phases: Plastic, Shearing, and Granular. The used-up heating medium is then discharged from the outlet of the Paddle Dryer where the dried feed gets collected and is bagged. 

The mixture of powder and air is then carried towards the cyclone separator via the ID fan’s suction which gets separated and discharged through the rotary air-lock valve. A scrubber installed below continuously sprays processed water onto the mixture inside the Venturi throat, which then settles in the scrubber tank. Fresh air is then discharged from the chimney out into the atmosphere.

Pilot Trials | Project Feasibility | Product Viability

  • We help you analyse the feed material’s characteristics in the pilot test to gather the design data and foresee the applicability of equipment. These characteristics include the abrasiveness, stickiness, viscosity, toxicity, pH levels, and other such dynamic nature of the feed materials. After defining these characteristics, we can help you lay down the valid design data on key aspects like heat transfer medium, heating temperature, drying time, material of construction, and construct the right applicability of equipment in the detailed pre-feasibility report.

  • We provide an in-depth and comprehensive pre-feasibility report post the pilot testing. Your pre-feasibility project report consists of a wide range of variables that are taken into account to calculate the final OpEx and CapEx. Taking into account a standard measurement of one kilogram of feed used, the variables include factors like the cost of heating medium used, cost of power consumption, and other such factors.

  • Our products are born after rigorous R&D. We understand your requirements and the technical capabilities it demands. Our team undergoes years of technical training and are vetted with the highest standards. We ensure that every team right from operations to non-ops always remain abreast with the technical nuances of our products. Our client support team is trained in the workshop on our products and they will be available for the support right from providing you with the bespoke techno-commercial offer, diagnosing your smallest issues, and applying the strategies derived from our previous experiences to solve any issues that may arise.

Unmatched Support & Industry-leading After Sales Service

AS Engineers provides quick, efficient pre and post sales services throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Gold Standard Support

Gold Standard Support

We fulfill promises that we make! We understand the criticality of your various processes and ensure that your daily productive hours are not hampered.

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Repairs & Upgrades

We help you optimize your plant to stay updated with the latest technology and to leverage the most efficient industry practices. We also provide retrofitting services.

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We provide in-person product training to your plant operator with the required personalization.

OEM Spare Parts icon

OEM Spare Parts

In order to mitigate the wear and tear, we provide both OEM and in-house spare parts for our products.

Service Agreements icon

Service Agreements

We make tailor-made service agreements for preventive maintenance, contract for spare parts, maintenance inspection, and equipment monitoring that best suits your needs.

Process Optimization icon

Process Optimization

We carry the knowledge and expertise to diagnose, strategize, and optimize your current processes that increase your production efficiency to the required standards.

Centrifugal Blower in paper and pulp industries

Paddle Dryer in Environment Industry

Heavy-duty Paddle Dryers for drying toxic and harmful materials that withstand the long-term wear and tear.

Paddle Dryer in Food Industry icon

Paddle Dryer in Food Industry

Vacuum sealed Paddle Dryers are built to handle sensitive food-grade materials that react with the atmosphere to comply with safety regulations.

Paddle Dryer in Chemical Industry icon

Paddle Dryer in Chemical Industry

Sturdy Paddle Dryers to handle chemical waste and sludge for a prolonged period of time without hampering the day-to-day processes.

AS Engineers is a renowned and leading paddle dryer manufacturer focusing on providing high-quality, efficient, and durable drying solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expertise in this field has made us the preferred choice for companies looking for a reliable and trustworthy paddle dryer manufacturer.

Our paddle dryers are designed to meet the specific needs of each industry, from food processing to chemical manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with our experienced engineering team, ensures that our paddle dryers can handle the toughest drying challenges while also ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

At AS Engineers, we understand the importance of providing our customers with a complete solution that meets their specific requirements. That’s why we offer a range of paddle dryer options, including custom-designed units to meet your specific drying needs. Our paddle dryers are manufactured with the highest-quality materials, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

In addition to our exceptional product line, we provide unparalleled customer support, including on-site installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our team of experts is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns about your paddle dryer.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a top-quality paddle dryer manufacturer, look no further than AS Engineers. With our extensive expertise and commitment to providing the best possible products and services, you can be confident in your decision to partner with us.