A Replica of the German Impeller


Today our client is one of the Top Reactive Dye producers in the world with a global presence in over 40 countries with annual revenues exceeding USD 165 million. Despite its acclaimed success, our client is grounded and adhered to the same values that it did forty years ago; of clean, ethical business practices, continuous innovation, technology upgrades, consistent learning, selfless environmental concerns, and all this while keeping the customer and his needs at the center of all that they do.


They had procured a plant from Germany that had a very specifically engineered blower as per the client’s need. Now after a decade of operation, they had decided to replace the Impeller of the OEM and started finding a good manufacturer who can take this complex job because getting a small spare from Germany was not an economically wise decision they could afford and that is how they consulted us and entrusted us with their problem




We at A.S Engineers believe in achieving perfection and love to solve any blower-specific problems for our clients leading to building their trust upon us even further. Our Engineers visited the site of the client and offered a hand in the removal of the impeller and then started their work by analyzing the impeller for exact dimension with the specific tools to do the same. 

We then simulated the results on-site with our knowledge and some help from the software to decide the thickness of the material and profile of the blade and analyzed a sample of the rubber lining in our lab to find out it’s a chemical composition in order to replicate it and studied in depth the compound and how to join them to provide proper strength to the impeller also with the help of our sub-vendors, we studied the balancing of the compound at such high speed in the impeller and found an effective way to prolong the balancing of the impeller and implement all these solutions for our client and delivering it on time was a feat achieved by us with our well-trained team.


The solution offered by us worked so effectively that the vibration of the whole blower was reduced to minimal and the longer life of all the consumables like bearings, belts, etc were found by the client.


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