General Industry

Forced draft

Forced draft fans (FD Fans) work on generating a vacuum and pushing air through the outlet to the system. This focus creates positive air pressure. It is used in many designs, like boilers, glass furnaces, and ovens. We build industrial fans, blowers, and dampers to maintain the highly efficient forced draft process air.

High-Temperature Fans

AS Engineers is well equipped with technology that makes fans withstand temperatures up to 500°C. We are a leading manufacturer of custom, high-temperature centrifugal fans and are ready to work with you to design a fan that fits your application requirements.

Iron and Steel Industry 

India is the second-largest producer of steel across the globe. We at AS Engineers have a significant part of clients of steel ore and steel manufacturers.

  • Pelletizing fans
  • Electric arc furnace fans
  • Cooling fans
  • Combustion air fans,
  • Boosters fans

We also process fans that are included in a wide variety of fields, including large types of machinery such as:

  • Hot Rolling Mills
  • Cold Rolling Mills
  • Bar and Rod Mills
  • Strip Mills
  • Rolling Mill Stands

Sinter Waste gas fan, Cooling air fan for Sinter plant, Dedusting fans, Recirculation fans, FD, ID, PA, & SA fans in the power station boilers.

Oven Exhaust

We have had the privilege of working with many infrastructural hotels and units where we have provided ID fans. Ovens require an industrial exhaust fan to balance the oven pressure and convey the harmful volatile organic compound to scrubbers or oxidizers. AS Engineers build high-efficiency, high-temp industrial fans and blowers to complete oven exhaust systems.

Fume Control

Industrial exhaust fans pull out excess air from the system to the environment. In process companies where fumes are released, these fans enable the smoke to rombe removed from the system efficiently. We engineer efficient, highly durable fans that exhibit the ideal nature for many components such as scrubbers, oxidizers, hoods, and many other fume control systems as well as similar systems utilized in mist control.

Material Handling

Regardless of the product, every company will have a material handling system. That company must process handling techniques systematically and efficiently. Our Industrial centrifugal force fans hold ample of such materials easily and affordably; these include products like sand, sand, dust, wood, grain, paper, food, and countless others. Small and more significant materials can be handled by installing low- and high-duty fans, AS Engineers has its renowned strength in building fans with efficiency and durability for these processes.

Oven Recirculation

The necessary airflow in recirculating ovens is determined by the uniform temperature required and relative air change in the system. High-temperature plug fans are the typical industrial fan utilized in this process. AS Engineers builds high-temperature, high-efficiency industrial fans & blowers for use in recirculating ovens. Dampers and other accessories are available.

Pneumatic Conveying

We are a well-recognized Industrial fan manufacturing company in Gujarat. AS Engineers has supplied fans for pneumatic conveying in Food, Mineral, Plastic, Coffee, and Pharmaceutical industries. Fine Powder & bulk solid materials can be conveyed pneumatically with appropriate abrasion-resistant fan materials through ID and FD fans.

We build high-integrity, abrasion-resistant industrial fans & blowers for pneumatic conveyors.

Process Heating

Forced (FD fan) or Induced (ID fan) process air is integral to process heating. Ovens, furnaces, boilers, burners, and heaters all are parts of the same process.

AS Engineers builds industrial fans & blowers that are aesthetic, ergonomic, durable and long-lasting. We provide pre-engineered and custom design-to-make blowers for our clients.

Spark Resistant Construction

Spark Resistant Construction is pretty much the definition; it is used in fields where harmful substances are involved in carrying out the process, as moving metals can create a spark. This spark-proof and spark-resistant construction helps in minimizing extensive collateral and fatal damages.

A spark-proof system is designed and approved depending on the class requirement as per the standards.

  1.   Class 1 includes materials that are devoid of ferrous elements. Aluminum is the typical material used.
  2.   Class 2 is generally only a wheel covered by rubber construction to nullify the rubbing while in contact, which helps avoid the spark. Aluminium is typically used though other materials eligible under Level A can be substituted.
  3.   Class 3 requires only the non-ferrous rubbing plate.

AS Engineers manufactures custom spark-resistant industrial fans & blowers for all special explosion-proof requirements. We also provide FLP motors (flameproof motors) to eradicate sparks inside engines. Spark Resistant Construction is also available for necessary accessories.

Aluminium Industrial

Aluminum has a wide range of applications, e.g. transport vehicles, construction, packaging industry, electronic production, household appliances, etc. Consequently, the economic activities of these industrial sectors determine the overall demand for Aluminum.

AS Engineers supply fans for several applications in the production of

  • Alumina (al203)
  • Aluminum
  • Typical Fans in this industry include
  • Combustion Air fans
  • Booster Fans
  • ID Fans
  • Furnace Fans
  • Cooling Fans
  • Dedusting

Combustion Air Industry

Combustion of air happens when resources are burnt at a high temperature. This includes the burning coal, wood, charcoal etc.

Burners are used in this system to heat the aid; this heating causes the burning of the product. This combust air is then pushed out of the system, which is done with the help of  Industrial fans. AS Engineers is, a centrifugal fan and blower manufacturing company that build heavy-duty, high-efficiency, high-pressure combustion blowers for use in boilers, burners, and other combustion-air applications.

Along with fuel, Oxygen also plays a very vital role. Complete combustion cannot occur without oxygen, relating it to lower efficiency. Therefore it must work in complete harmony and efficiently.

We supply complete solutions for the combustion industry that include any or all of the following accessory items:

  1. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) — speed controllers for the motor for higher efficiency operating points
  2. Inlet Dampers — variable inlet vane (VIV) damper, inlet box damper, fresh air damper, butterfly damper
  3. Outlet Dampers — opposed blade or parallel blade, butterfly damper
  4. Damper controls packages.

Dilution Air

Dilution air present is used in several systems where dirty air is involved.  High-volume fans and blowers are required to efficiently move the high volumes of air needed to process the diluted air. The necessary pressure is enabled accordingly through the technical procedure. AS Engineers manufactures industrial centrifugal blowers within our client’s requirements with high-quality materials and accurate craftsmanship. It allows our clients to run their systems efficiently.

Gas delivery & Material Handling Industry

AS Engineers’ blowers are well-reputed in the industry because of their quality and performance in different processes such as – light Powder, granule, chippings, fibre, heavier mineral powder, coal powder, and clinker. We constantly put our efforts into the advancements of our systems that are non-corrosive and stop abrasion.

In the process of gas conveying, our blowers fans can convey

  • Clean air
  • Dirty air mixed with impurity
  • High-temperature gas
  • Combustible gas
  • Corrosive gas
  • Gas mixed with the sticky material

We provide our customers with fans that fit their work purpose rather than things we want to sell.

 We also offer fans for the following purposes.

  • Granary conveying fan,
  • Coal powder conveying fan,
  • Mineral powder conveying fan,
  • Clinker conveying fan,
  • Gas conveying fan,
  • Wear a resistance fan, a high-temperature fan,
  • Corrosion-resistant fan etc.

Induced Draft

Industrial-induced draft fans (ID Fans) create suction at the inlet opening, pulling air through a system. The impeller that creates a vacuum in the section forces enabling air to pull in the system ferociously. This focus creates negative air pressure. Generally, the ID and FD fans work in twin nature and are installed together to create or equate pressure differences made by each other. The flow from the fan is balanced and contemplated with the help of a damper, and many companies also use VFDs. In general machinery, an ID fan has to deal with air or gases at a specific temperature higher than the ambient, up to 400 ℃ temperature with it, and ambient in FD fans.

AS Engineers builds heavy-duty, high-temp industrial fans for induced draft applications.


High-temperature gas and dust load factors are essential for manufacturing blowers for metallurgy processes. We keep these factors in mind and design the fans accordingly. 

At AS Engineers, we have prepared many technical solutions for our customers of sintering processes to meet extreme working conditions like high temperatures, guaranteeing the bearing’s lubricating and cooling at all costs.


Thermal Oxidizers convert volatile organic compounds & hazardous air pollutants present in exhaust streams before releasing the exhaust into the atmosphere. In this process, the air is forced or sucked from the system, which allows it to travel across chambers. This air includes cold as well as hot water. Forced draft (FD) or induced current (ID) are required as efficient industrial fans that withstand high temperatures and corrosive gases. As an industrial fan manufacturer, AS Engineers builds durable, high-strength industrial fans & blowers specially designed for our clients.

Process Fans

  • Preheater fan
  • Raw Mill fan
  • Raw Mill Bag House fan
  • Cooler ID fan
  • Raw Mill Separator fan
  • Cement Mill Separator fan
  • Coal Mill ID fan
  • Other applications:
  • Cooler compartment fans
  • Booster fans for Mills
  • Air slide blowers
  • Bag filter fans
  • Seal air fans for mills

Tempering Industry

This is a process in which the toughness of a material is increased at a point from where it reaches an extent where the toughness reaches its critical upper limit or annealing limit. This is done by heating the material at a high temperature and then suddenly cooling it at a prompt duration to achieve toughness with the help of a forced draft (FD Fan). 

The industrial forced draft fans (FD Fans) used in tempering typically require high air circulation and horsepower AS Engineers build these types of fans and supply them across the country. Dampers and other accessories are also available as a part of our service.

Biomass Industry

Biological or waste materials are converted into energy sources such as fuel, heat, or electricity in the biomass process. Some methods to do so are  Pyrolysis, gasification and pelletizing. Quality, efficient industrial blowers are required to move the gases and materials produced and to support the burners, boilers, & scrubbers used during this process. We build efficient industrial fans & blowers for any biomass application.

Cooling Systems Industry

In this case, cooling water and air are coupled together to lower the heat from the system. This system uses dilution-type fans to cool the air for different purposes. Because of the system’s running water, stainless steel is generally preferred. AS Engineers builds efficient, corrosion-resistant industrial fans for these processes.

We also manufacture blower accessories, such as Silencers, Acoustic Insulators, etc.

General Ventilation

All industries, including manufacturing and process industries, must structure that includes the installation of Ventilation fans. Finding the right industrial fan with the highest efficiency standards is essential for every sector requiring process air. We build industrial fans & blowers for almost every general ventilation application. There are several accessories and spare parts that are used in a fan.

Industrial Boiler

AS Engineers has provided blower fans to countless boiler manufacturing companies and has been actively supplying to companies who act under the IBR section. We have met production from 1~250T of the coal-fired boiler, biomass boiler, waste incineration boiler, and other industrial boiler systems.

 We manufacture boiler fans available for sale to the users of Industrial boiler fans, including:

  • Coal-fired boiler fan
  • Biomass fuel boiler fan
  • Waste incineration boiler fan, (FD Fan), (ID Fan)
  • Primary air fan(PA Fan)
  • Secondary air fan (SA Fan), as well as flue gas dust-removing the fan
  • Flue gas desulfurization fan (FGD Fan), flue gas denitrification fan

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Industry 

At AS Engineers, our knowledge and experience in the refining industry are reflected through our reputed technology portfolio. We supply quality fans for various applications, such as :

  • Leak Proof systems.
  • Blowers for thick load technology as well as Pinch technology.
  • Blower for Power recovery system with mixed fluid condensing turbine
  • Blowers for Sulphur extraction
  • Blower for Column distillation and Reboiler system.
  • Blower for Hydrocarbon membrane system.Combustion air for the heating furnace
  • Rotary Regenerative Burner System